Match made for murder

Match Made For Murder is the twentieth episode of Season 5 of Deadly Women. It aired on January 20th, 2012.


When Patricia Robinson-Olsen has money problems, she resorts to soliciting her teenage son into shooting her second husband Neil to death, and then attempts to have him take the fall.

Meanwhile, French immigrant Valerie Pape is a hair salon owner and a Scottsdale, Arizona socialite with an abusive husband, Ira Pomerantz. When Valerie has had enough of her husband's abuse, she turns to murder, then dismembers his corpse. His torso is found in a dumpster behind a supermarket, but the rest of his remains have never been found.

And Jean Lee is a young Australian woman who becomes involved with two petty criminals and then turns to a life of crime. While attempting to rob an elderly man, he winds up dead. Jean confesses to her involvement hoping for a light prison sentence, but instead becomes the last woman hanged in Australia.